Denver Colorado

Before working with Kim, my workouts were unstructured and haphazard (both in terms of how I completed them and what I hoped to accomplish.) Working with Kim as a distance client has changed my entire approach to fitness. While Kim has done an AMAZING job providing monthly workout plans and tutorial videos, what I most appreciate is Kim’s unique mix of compassionate badass-ery. I’m delighted to be making progress towards a concrete goal, but because of Kim I feel empowered well beyond the weight I can lift. My perspective about what I can do in and out the gym has transformed.

I originally started working out with Kim because I wanted a destination; Kim ended up giving me a journey. I couldn’t recommend her services (and her as a person) more highly.

Augusta, Maine

I have trained with Kim over the past several years.  She is enthusiastic about fitness and wellness.  I was hesitant to work with free weights when we met, as my exposure to the gym was largely on the cardio machines.  Kim taught me proper body positioning and technique, and I am now able to use weights safely on my own.  Kim has a great sense of humor.  She can encourage you when you need motivation and give you permission to forgive yourself when you've fallen off the wagon.