Here's your grocery list for protein

I like simple.

The most successful nutritional approach I learned came a few years ago when I hired a coach. He gave me a list of things to eat, and I only ate stuff on that list.

It wasn’t easy, but it was simple.

Chocolate was not on this list, so I may or may not have wrestled Sheila to the ground for a piece of baking chocolate half-way through the second week of this nutrition plan. Which is one of the reasons that an overall nutritional approach that allows for things like birthday cake and ice cream is often much easier to stick with. Just sayin'

It also keeps the wrestling matches with your spouse to a minimum.

Here’s a list of the main protein sources I use. I'm sure there are plenty of other options that aren't on this list, but I feel like this gives me plenty of options and variety when it comes to a high protein diet. 

If you're not sure why you should eat more protein, read this.

Note about serving size - your simplest form of measuring your serving size is to use your hand. Recommendations from Precision Nutrition are one palmful of protein at a meal for women, and two palms of protein per meal for men. 

Ok, here's your list:


Obviously there's more to your diet to protein. Check back next week for a list of other things to include in your grocery cart.

Besides red wine...