Tips to not let alcohol derail your progress

The other day, whilst I was whiling away the hours in the doctor's office, I posted a question on Facebook.

Sometimes I like some Johnny Walker Black..

Sometimes I like some Johnny Walker Black..

Much to my pleasant surprise, over 40 people commented on the question. That kind of information is incredibly helpful to me, because my main goal in writing this blog is to provide value to those who read it. Sure I hope it's entertaining, but I also hope I can provide something valuable to your quest for strength, fitness, and fat loss. 

There were three common themes within the answers to question: time, motivation, and beer or alcohol. I'm definitely in the group that enjoys beer. And I'm also among the people who are infinitely grateful that cell phone cameras and social media were not around when I was in college.

I only danced and played my guitar on the porch roof at Delta Chi that one time...honest.

But how do you factor your enjoyment of adult beverages into your overall fitness plan?

There are a few fitness professionals out there who have already answered that question, so I decided to link to those articles for anyone who might find that interesting. 

The Alcohol Regimen - Mike Vacanti

I've read a number of different posts from Mike - who puts out a ton of great content. The above link is actually the first of a four part series he does on how alcohol affects your body and fitness goals. In fact, Mike is currently in the midst of going a year without alcohol.

How to drink without compromising your progress - John Romaniello

I worked with Roman a few years ago when I went through a fat loss program (which I haven't talked about much - but I dropped six percent body fat and 15 pounds). Roman is a guy who, from what I can tell, likes to have some fun but also likes to get results. Fair warning, Roman is not necessarily G-rated, so be prepared to read plenty of colorful language in his posts. 

So those are the two starting points for those friends of mine and others who are out to get results, but still have some wine and beer on the weekends.