A quick circuit workout for the busy moms out there

Happy Mother's Day!

Looking good Mom!

Looking good Mom!

I can't be in Pennsylvania with my mom today, but we Facetimed and had coffee together before my niece and nephew crashed her lap to say hi. 

Thank you to all of the moms out there for doing what you do and being who you are. My dad tells the story of me pouring water down my mom's pants when I was two years old and then making a run for it, and I know many of you mom's out there have similar stories. 

In my case, Mom; thanks for not putting me out with a sign around my neck that said free to a good home :) As they say in that new tear-jerker iPhone commercial, I am who I am, because you are who you are. Witty and charming and sweet. (You Mom, I'm talking about you of course).

I hope all of you moms, whether you're a parent to a child, a cat, a parakeet, or four cats and a dog, are being treated to all of your favorite things. 

Here's a quick video that includes six bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. I want you to be able to look this video up on Youtube when you have 20 minutes, and go through this series of six exercises, taking as few breaks as possible. Once you've performed the circuit once, take a 60 second break, and perform it again. Work your way up to five rounds with no more than 30 second breaks in between.


Because I know you're wondering, Captain America: Civil War was pretty darn awesome. Go see it. Take your Mom.

Here's a quick circuit that you can do in 20 minutes or less.