Mixed Tape Monday: Working through knee pain, healthy movement, and protein

Happy Monday.

Right, right, right. No one says that. 

Cheers to a warmer day in summer than what we've had in the past? Yes, people say that. Working in my new job at Spurling Training Systems, I'm up well before the sunrise to teach my first class, and I have to say, while I am most certainly NOT a morning person, I have begun to take pleasure....um...ok, appreciate, the sunrises that I get to witness over the beautiful city of Portland driving to Kennebunk on early mornings. 

Three ways to workout with knee pain

I have found what appears to be a second little brother in working at Spurling. Josh Williams is not only a brilliant strength coach, but also a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan who happened to grow up in Maine. He has a delightful dry wit, and is profoundly knowledgeable about all things strength training. Last week he posted this article on working out with knee pain, which, as many of us aging athletes over the age of 30 know all too well, is par for the course.

Rather than taking months off from training, Josh makes several suggestions on ways to work out around the pain you have. And he's a Steeler's fan, so you know you can trust him.

Pats fans, you can trust him too. No seriously. He likes the Celtics and Bruins and Red Sox so it's all good. 

The real (and surprising) reasons healthy movement matters.

When people think about healthy movement, they don't just think exercise. They think Jillian Michaels or maybe Suzanne Summers on a thigh master. I really hope no one thinks Suzanne Summers on a thigh master. But now that I said that, you're thinking about it...and if you don't know it...


In this post, Krista Scott Dixon from Precision Nutrition delves deep into what it means to move healthy. She talks about being capable, confident, and free. Capable to perform the movements required and desired in your day to day life, and confident in your ability to perform those movements. 

And perhaps the most shocking part of all, we don't need "workouts" to move. 


Five dangerous myths about protein

And because all things should come in three's, because that's just the way of the universe, here's a ten minute read doing some myth busting around protein.

There are plenty of myths out there regarding protein, one of which is related to potential kidney damage and weight gain. I will say the bad breath myth was new to me...I mean I guess your breath could smell like grass fed beef.

Go Pens.