40 random thoughts on my 40th birthday

In exactly two hours and two minutes, I’ll be 40 years old.

Holy mother of God. 

I know they say age is just a number and I believe that. 

I also know that I’d rather be turning 40 years old than the alternative. 

I also know that 40 years old is young.

But holy hell does this feel weird. In my mind I'm forever 32, just so you know. 

So 40 random thoughts: 

1. 40 really isn’t old. I’m in better shape now than I was even 10 years ago, because back then I did nothing more than run and would have easily been pinned by a 45 pound barbell.

2. I’ve crammed a lot of life experience into 40 years. I've moved more times than I can count on two hands. I have lived in a few different time zones, hiked all but a few miles of Rocky Mountain National Park and collected some good camp fire stories.

Invite me to your next camp fire ;-)

3. I’m sentimental about my sports teams. If you see me walking around with my Steelers tattoo and think that it’s just a football team, you’re wrong. Steelers football will always be about me sitting with my Dad on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid, and him explaining things like first downs, illegal formation, and holding. Then going out into the yard with me at half-time to toss the football around. 

So no, the Steelers or Pirates are never JUST sports. They are memories and connections with people I love.

4. Speaking of which, dear Pirates - please don't trade Andrew McCutchen.

5. I wish I’d done this blog post when I was 30, because 40 is a lot of things to think about.

6. I’m lucky enough to have people in my life who have been my friends for as long as I can remember. Many of them are cousins, some are from high school, and there are plenty from college. We’re all in this world together and I’m better for it. (Julie, Melissa, and Christine, I can't wait for our 40th birthday trip, even though you're all still 39. It was cooler when I turned 21 first).

7. It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. 

8. You can have more than one career. 

9. Music sounds best on vinyl. Don't argue. 

10. I’ve surprised myself.

If you would have told my 23 year old self that I loved lifting weights, I'd have made a sarcastic remark under my breath. Then I would have gone off for a 12 mile run.

11. I’m down to less than two hours until I turn 40. Holy **** Also I like hats. Especially fedoras. 

12. My favorite singer of all time is Frank Sinatra. At the risk of offending all of my peers, I discovered Frank about the same time New Kids on the Block came on scene. Boy bands = just no. No.

13. I was a softball pitcher back in the day and during my junior year, I threw eight one-hitters. 

14. I eat a glazed donut and sloppily dunk it in my coffee every other Sunday because donuts. And my grandma used to do this. And also donuts.

15. I lived my senior year of college in a convent because I was going to be a nun. Invite me to that camp fire. Seriously.

16. I worked at a summer camp after college and looked after the farm animals, including a 300lb goat named Amos who enjoyed coffee and cigarettes.

17. My god this is a long list. 

18. I didn’t start lifting until I was 33 years old. 

19. My best deadlift is 275lbs, but in a few hours, I’m going to go try to break that. 

20. It’s ok to fail. I tried to hit a new PR on the deadlift on Tuesday but guess what? It just didn’t happen. 

21. I turned down a Division I scholarship to play softball.

22. So instead, I played Division II lacrosse. We finished tied for second in the nation my senior year, and my first year of coaching, the team tied for first. But that was before there was a national championship for NCAA DII so it's just a fun fact. 

23. I wanted to be Murphy Brown when I was a kid. 

24. I like Anne Murray. Shut up.

Also google her if you don’t know who that is. 

25. My first “real” job was as a newspaper reporter. I was terrible.

26. I say that I’m from Pittsburgh to people in Maine, but I’m really from a place called Ebensburg. It’s not too big and not too small and I go back there several times a year and drink I.C. Light with my Dad at the Ebensburg Moose. 

27. I have an instagram account - just sayin. (@kimlloydfitness)

28. My favorite movie of all time is “A League of Their Own.” Also “Regarding Henry.” I cry every time. Ok, and "Steel Magnolias" gets me too. I'm an ugly crier. 

29. I once had to take a dead body to a morgue when I worked in a hospital. I had to get in the elevator with the body at 3:00 in the morning. 

30. I’m terrified of elevators. Even ones that don’t have a corpse in them.

31. For a half of a second in college, I had a radio show. 

32. I tried ROTC for a semester in college.

33. There was also a full second that I spent in a band in college.  I played rhythm guitar and we were called Absolute Zero.

34. Less than six months after I started strength training, I was able to help pick up the motorized wheel chair of a man who’d fallen out of it when it hit a cracked sidewalk in Boston. This was much to the amazement of his wife, who thought I was too small to be of help. 

35. I’m Aunt Kimmie. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been called.

36. Hugging my dog seems to solve almost everything. 

37. I couldn’t do a push up from the floor until I was 35. 

38. My favorite baseball player of all time, that played in my lifetime, is Nolan Ryan. No, he wasn’t even a Pirate. 

39. My favorite Pirate of all time, that I saw play, is Andy Van Slyke. Andy, if you’re reading this…hi. :)

40. A few hundred people a month read my blog. That might not seem like much in comparison with others, but I’m super grateful. Thank you so much. 

Ok, off to get that glazed donut, because it's my birthday, hug my dog, because Rooney, and knock out that new PR on the deadlift.