Techno Tuesday

No, not that kind of techno. Last time that type of music was on in the gym, they tech-no-ed Bon Jovi right out of Living on a Prayer. I was thankful for my headphones. 

Which is a pleasantly unplanned transition into today's post about technology. Hola! 

I'm hoping to make fitness and technology reviews a regular event, as I've become a bit of a gadget geek over the years. Which would surprise my seventh grade computer teacher, Mr. Mazzerella, who used to teach us programming back in the day. Yes Programming. That's what computer classes were before there was a mouse. And yes, I'm that old. 

Anyway, one of the highlights of my holiday season was the gift of an Apple Watch from my family. I don’t want to say I was excited, but I may have peed a little in this picture below. (Sorry about the couch Mary...)

If you gamble, you want to play poker with me. You just do.*

If you gamble, you want to play poker with me. You just do.*


I've been told I'm easy to surprise. 

I'm very comfortable with technology and I love using it for tracking all types of fitness progress. In 2007, with the purchase of my first iPod Nano, I began using the Nike Plus system to track my runs. Those sub nine minute miles seem a long time ago. These days, I'm up for almost any new fitness gadget out there within reason. (I don't see an Altitude mask in my future. Unless I'm Bane for Halloween next year.) Once I have a chance to use it a little more, I'll post a review of the Apple Watch here. 

But for now, I've been enjoying using my watch with my bluetooth Jaybird headphones, the review of which is below. 

Jaybird Gear BlueBudsX - Bluetooth Headphones  (click title for link)

I see athletes now in pregame warming up with their tiny iPods and giant headphones on and try to imagine what it would have looked like in the late 90’s, with giant CD players pulling our lacrosse kilts down and skipping 16 ways to Sunday while our foam sony headphones fell off of our heads. Taking your music out for a jog was like running with a fanny pack. That weighed 10 pounds. 

If there is one place where technology has smoked forward in the last 15 years, it’s in transportable music. 

I bought the BlueBuds in March of 2014 after my headphone wires got caught up in a deadlift and ended up on the wrong side of the barbell plates. I opted for the in-ear options and, almost two years later, have been more than pleased with the results. 

IMG_5084 (1).jpg

Cost - $109.00 - $160.00

No doubt these headphones are an investment. I use these almost daily though, and they’ve more than held up to the test.

Sound - I’m not an audiophile, but I wanted headphones that didn’t sound like they were underwater. Mission accomplished. The base is good and the sound is clear. 

Fit – Jaybird supplies you with three sizes for the earbuds themselves, as well as three sizes for the secure fit ear cushions. You can wear them either behind or in front of the neck. My only complaint with these is the ease of which they fall off. I’ve lost all of the right size for me. You can order replacements with the Jaybird website. 

Comfort - I’d give them 3.5 out of five stars here. My ears get a irritated after two hours, but let's be honest; by then I should either be engaging with someone in the gym or finished with my workout. They don't stay in the ear as well as I'd like; the different size buds help, but I still find myself mindlessly shoving them back in to my ears during a workout. 

Ease of use - I’ve had no pairing issues with these. Hold the center button down for four seconds and the voice will come on to let you know that you’re in pairing mode. I've successfully paired these with my watch, iPhones, iPads, and laptop with problems. The headphones charge with a USB cable that plugs into the back of one of the buds. 

Battery life - The battery life in these is eight hours. I can charge them and be good for the week. They can sit for several days at a time and still have plenty of juice.

Cons - The secure fit ear cushions come in three different sizes, and I understand why, but these pieces come off easily and often. I'm on my third different pair. You can purchase them as separate accessories, but the constant slipping can be annoying. Also, the cost is a bit of a downside as well. These are nice earbuds that sound good and have lasted, but the cost is a bit steep. 

Pros - Performance. The music sounds great. Bon Jovi (yes, that's twice in one post) sounds better than he ever did on my boom box with a dual cassette player. The call quality is good on both ends. 

Bottom line - I'd give these 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you're in the market for some bluetooth in ear headphones, these fit the bill.

And your ears. 

*If it seems like I'm using a lot of pictures of myself, I am. It's not an intention to be so "me" focused. But it is my intention to use all of my own photos on this site. Which is a harder pledge than I thought.