Cooking with Kim: Installment One


Those of you who are friends with me on my personal Facebook page witnessed the video I posted last week where I tried (one could argue not successfully), to cook my first lobsters. I've lived in Maine for five years, and that was my first attempt at doing a lobster on my own. 

Never again.

In any case, I thought it might add some variety if I occasionally offered a healthy cooking segment to my blog. I am terrible in the kitchen, but I turned 35 I've had to learn more about cooking and healthy cooking, because as we all know, you can't out-train a poor diet. 

Anyway, below is the (sort of) recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon on a grill. I eat salmon at least once a week, as aside from giving me a healthy dose of Omega 3 and being generally heart healthy, it's high in protein and helps me hit my protein goal for the day. 

And um, there was fire in the video, but it worked out fine. Honest. And I've never made a cooking video before, so please forgive the fact that I often forgot to talk to the camera and didn't talk loud enough....